Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New 'Book of Beasts' being published by Octopus Publishing containing my artwork.

I am happy and excited to announce this new book being published by Octopus Publishing containing my artwork which comes out on October 7th this year!

I designed and created all the main character beast artwork throughout the book. There are a also a couple of other artists who created battle scenes and spot illustrations.

It was a really cool project to illustrate, lots of wonderful creatures for me to get stuck into and let my imagination run wild. On the front you can see a Draugr, Krampus and a Zombie. The book is going to cost £9.99. Official link below:


  1. That is one nice gig you landed there.
    Too bad the site doesn't preview the book's inner artwork. Perhaps you could upload some here after it's release?

  2. Hey thanks! Yep, it was a big one! Lasted approx 6 months I think!

    Not long until the books release now! It should be released on the 7th of next month. As soon as I am able to show the work I will post it up on here for anyone who is interested to see it!

    I'm going to post up the official press release soon. It seems the book is already up on Amazon and other online bookshops. Pretty exciting!