Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Unfinished fantasy work, a dwarf, wizard, troll and ship merchant.

I have quite a few pieces of  work I'm working on at the moment. I'm going to post a selection even though they are far from finished. Keep the blog chugging along! Unfinished fantasy work, a dwarf, wizard, troll and ship merchant.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Rock n' load challenge, Character design/city design.

Another great challenge arrived @ artorder thanks to Jon. Two subjects I really have a passion for: Concept art and rock n' roll. A dream come true!

The brief was to create a character and a city called 'Tool City'. The character had to be an iconic male rocker! His studio has been taken over by the worst record company in existence, General Records. They stamp out creativity and the rocker has to fight all the way to the top!

Like I said I really needed more time for this one. I have a few more ideas for the main character and I have just added a new version of the city which if I had more time would have entered for the brief on artorder!

The results came in for the Rock n Load  challenge @ Artorder. I did not make it to the selected top 3, although all the participants received a crit from Jenny and Nate who are the directors @ Rock n Load!
Here it is:

Great building concept. You took tool city in a completely original direction. The well stylized main character would be so much more interesting if he didn't look like he was battling sleep. The sky blue background makes sense against the red buildings but I would de-saturate it quite a bit so it isn't competing with everything. I saw it on a different monitor and it wasn't as vibrant but I would still tone it down and drop in some texture. A solid submission.

 I agree with what they say 100%. One of the things I was not happy with was the the expression of the face. Also the blue, once I handed it in it wasn't really gritty enough for me. I've updated these images between commissions, these are the new versions!