Monday, 22 October 2012

Creature / Monster RPG character designs for Das Schwarze Auge

Here are some works I did for the German Fantasy publisher called Uhrwerk Verlag. The work was created for a tabletop roleplaying game called "Das Schwarze Auge" or "The Black Eye" in English! This particular "Das Schwarze Auge" publication was a roleplaying manual called Myranische Monstren. I was commissioned to create a nice selection of creatures/monsters. As you can see I had a few prehistoric dinosaur types similar to Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, prehistoic terror bird. Also had other creatures to illustrate including a street dog, giant bear and an Uralor. Here are the correct list of names in German:

Schardorus-Bar ,  Jharranoth , Tyrannenechse , Fischerspinne , Strassenhund , Uralor,Vulturn

I'll post more images in the future. You can check out, and order the book here:

All work © 2012 Uhrwerk Verlag

Monday, 1 October 2012

Dragon Elemental Sketches

Here are some dragon Elemental sketches I created for Das 'Schwarze Auge' or 'The black eye' in English! It is basically a RPG character manual published in Germany by Ulisses Spiele.  I had real fun doing these, some nice descriptions for the required dragons by the editor! It was also great to get back to creating some artwork in pencil after working for so long with photoshop and the Wacom tablet!