Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book of Beasts - Creature taster, Ticktock books.

Here are a few creatures from the 'Book of Beasts' Children's book which I worked on for Octopus books/Ticktock books. I was lead creature/character artist. There was also another artist involved who illustrated battle scenes for each chapter.

The book comes out at the start of October 2013, not long now! Bloody excited!!!

Here I present a Troll, Dark Elf, Jotun Frost giant, Black Shuck, Draugr and beast.

Thanks for viewing!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Private character commission of a bassist and fan of Iron Maiden.

I recently had another fun project which was to illustrate a friend of mine. He didn't actually know about it, it was another family member who commissioned me for his all the more fun! He is a bassist and one of the bands he is a big fan of is Iron Maiden.

I pondered on this one a little while and decided to do something with Eddie from Iron Maiden and also the devil. See below for the outcome!

Created in Photoshop!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Harry Potter movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them!! Come to me and I will design you some!

Anyone hear That JK Rowling is writing the script for a film based on the textbook Harry Potter and friends study back in Hogwarts! This is going to be in conjunction with Warner Bros Entertainment. Apparently set in the Potter universe although many years before the existence of young Harry!

Really exciting news, what a subject and project to be involved with. I would love to involved in such a  project designing the creatures. If anyone is listening or reading this including JK Rowling or Warner Bros Entertainment, give me a contact....we can make fantastic beasts together! From Goblins to dragons to werewolves you name it I'm your man!

Book of beasts published by Tick Tock / Octopus Publishing

Here is the official press release for the 'Book of Beasts' from Tick tock /Octopus publishing that I worked on as lead character/creature artist! Can't wait for receiving my hard copy! You can see some of my creatures in the press release below!

Thanks for viewing!